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Voices: Good or bad? Don’t forget to like and maybe share? These are the stories of people who came into contact with the mysterious Herobrine in Minecraft. …


Abraham Lopez says:

8:21 give that guy a glasses he did not see him.

Spoony Hercules says:

at 2:10 herobriann is in the corrner

Dangeresquelover says:

how did you make that collapsing floor that was larger than the normal 3×3
collapsing floor requirement?

Sergio Ramirez says:

What do I do I saw him what do I do 

Mary Billison says:

3 times

Cillian Gleeson says:

That was awesome

Harley Oronan says:

2:07 R.I.P Headphone users

Shotqun Spree says:

Definitely an improvement over the “Pilot” episode, nice job.

hakmootje says:

that was a nice movie

Max Murphy says:

No offence, but that was scripted.

Alex Lemos says:

That was the best herobrin siteing ever

Nick Orchanian says:

I do not have twitter but I am a great actor on minecraft I would love to
help u with on of your vids I am a big fan if u want me to help or be in
one of your vids plz message me on xbox live my name is ELMO451 thx plz get
back to me

kalum chan says:

Is The Video Real????

Billy Chantz says:

Good video but fake also

Madye Perez says:


Caitlin Stokrp says:

Make another one plz!

Roman Spartan says:

Sorry, but that was fake.

Stampylongbutt says:

Best MOVIE ever

James Stitzel says:

3 herobrins

Faith Reinhardt says:

Even though Herobrine doesn’t scare me, this was one of the sightings that
did. Very well done! Made me believe that Herobrine is Minecraft’s

Claudia Sanchez says:

That redminds me of uncharted

SJ Walkie says:

8:20 saw Herobrine in the left corner

Nasir Thorne says:

I love it

James Sutton says:



Scariest thing I’ve seen all week.

Demonic Steve says:


Declan Patterson says:


Falcon-X says:

This is creepy…

Biffo King says:

Cool ship


i saw herobine looking at you when you where coming out the water

Arsen Jusupov says:

I have seen Herobrine every single time i play minecraft

Stephen Hill says:

nice work.

snam97 says:

9:46 herobrine

Kristian Garkov says:

Pause at 8:21 herobrine is in the left cave

mitchell eulberg says:

good vid

Joanna Lesso says:

Ill rate a……. 10 1/2!!!

Megan Hough says:


ajar191 says:

What the……………..

corrine walker says:

Do face cam

Wolfgang James says:


Austin Wells says:

I saw him after he says there’s a fork in the cave if u look there’s him
staring there 

Landon H. says:

Also 8:40

analeah perez says:

Tu saw him at 8:21

brady bargo says:

can any one help on xboxlive add me bbargo2012 plz

Will Waters says:

THIS was amazing!

Carl Orozco says:

Cool and spooky

Walker Donohue says:

One flaw… Herobrine is Swedish not Dutch

Rylan Green says:

i like how it doesnt skip to the sightings

Cody McCasling says:

Herobrine again at 11:26 in the left behind a tree

TheSkateMagician says:

I saw him at 8:20

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