Minecraft Xbox 360 & PS3: NEW “Title Update 14″ Info & Confirmed Village Trading! (TU14 NEWS!)

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liverpoolbecky says:


NightmareOnEll Street says:

just play pc lol

HyperSharks says:

did they say the date of it??

UmbreonChop says:


nico gomez says:

4j studios said there gonna discontinue minecraft for ps3 because it dint
sell more than 90,000 so know its only gonna be exclusive to xbox and xbone

theundeadranger10 says:

hey ecko do you know what’s happening with gta tommorow because I’ve heard
something big is happening on the 18th


I have a video that you might wanna check out eckoxsolider I just want you
to look at it being I have found some new things

Cody Anderson says:

ecko if bats are introduced what is the use for them please answer

TheTaintedCrafters says:


Cary Lowrie-williamson says:

Little kid there will not be horses I hate Xbox version anyway so I hope
they he bad stuff:-)

Dwane Mojsej says:

i also seen a vid with some info from mincraft wiki.sayin it will be out in

CT Corperations says:

Since minecraft pc version has alpha and the other sytemiatic, do you think
we could be getting those as well, and if so, has mojang removed Herobrine?

Mitosz Aleksander says:

All the things I wanted are confirmed quartz, carpets, anvils and villiger

David Sammons says:

The intro song is take a walk BTW

Ethan Smurthwaite says:

Do you think they will implement new fishing such as, clownfish boots etc…

Mrdestroyer134 says:

Hey ecko do you think there will be more types of wood introduced

Stephen watters says:

Great news!

PinkPanther749 says:

69th view *facepalm

Angie Hoskins says:


Joe Bolanos says:

Hay parks mine tg on Ps3 is the same as xbox

Edgar Olivas says:

Will they have any different potions

TheEmeraldRail says:

well that’s good

Chris Michael says:

Will u be able to stack unstackable things like potions 

Tyler Dennis says:

Hey Ecko I would love to hear your oppion on if you think tu15 will b a bug

megafloss2012 says:

love the tu14 videos

SnickerGaming HD says:

What texture pack do you use for your videos in the background. Do you
think it will be brought to PlayStation 3.

leri rekhviashvili says:

i want mods i dont need new updates i need mods please give me mods :(

Tyson Kestner says:

Will pigmen and blaze be able to come trough the portal in tu 14 please

kadyn crawford says:

is there beacons

geschikt says:

check out my hunger games map for minecraft ps3 :)

Jeisson Martinez says:


Leng Yang says:

Hey ecko whats a interface 

Jordan Heckert says:

ecko do you think we might be able to crouch and place buttons, signs.
levers, etc. on chest furnaces and such.

Gaven Menke says:

On minecraft ps3 zombies drop iron swords.

mrsims345 says:

This is what I found on igns website Release Date: Mar 30, 2014
MSRP: $20
ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)
Genre: Action
Publisher: Mojang
Developer: Mojang this is the release date for minecraft xbox
One here the link http://m.ign.com/games/minecraft/xbox-one-20000544

Aiden Eichenour says:

Ecko will we be getting pumpkin pie in TU14 PLEASE REPLY

Harrison Lloyd says:

Hi echo do you think we will have adventure made as well as survival and
creative so we will have 3 modes

Dez_busta says:


Sisto Quintanilla says:

I just got a new windows 7 computer and i downloaded minecraft but for some
reason the 1.7.2 update wont work and i really want to play with a horse
can you help me plz respond.

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