Minecraft 1.7.4 Cracked FREE DOWNLOAD!! (PC)

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Download #1 (If there is a problem, use download #2): http://adf.ly/b5bgx Download #2 (Shown in video): http://adf.ly/ajWUK My Facebook: https://www.facebook…

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ZzzEdits says:


Jen Linn Dale says:

Thx now I have something to mod!

cody harge says:

Yes I love you men!!!!!!!

Jonathan Siller says:

not working

Bridget Baker says:

OMG never mind no more problems!!! I am playing Minecraft right now!!! You
just got a new subscriber!! :)

SuperAmanAhmed says:

Well the best way is to just get prem :D jk thx i had to help a friend

Mikko Suominen says:

Fucking virus (:(

LightClawn LP says:

i hafe a problem mz java funz no (((((

jonathan flores says:

can you do a follout 3 download or follout new vages?

ερικος εξ ντι says:

http://prntscr.com/2gggqr I CANT PLAY :((

Toy Craft says:

freaking thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu you yuuuuu uuuu uu is freaking
workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i love you thank you

Omar fakhouri says:

What is the song un the first vedio

Vishan Dusara says:

it takes ages to download

adam draper says:

It doesnt work for me

Max Widrhld says:


Son of a Bitch
download shiitt

Cordelia Okafo says:

How do you get more disk space?

Chen Hayoun says:

How is that dubstep song called u use for intro?

Blackshandow1 says:

I need delete my “.minecraft” folder??

Bridget Baker says:

That is really the only problem I’m having, I think it would work fine
other than that.

MS GamingTR says:

thankyou boy

Joan Tahta Setia says:

does it enable for skins ?

TheGamingPhantom says:

Thanks man!

narayan subedi says:

Thx Mate

Nakai Dogger says:

How to make a server?? I know you can join cracked servers but I dont know
how to make one… Could you please make a tutorial??(LOL my last name is

Alexander Kyle says:

It works. Thanks man!!

TwixezeHD says:

Intro song ?

FoundCooki says:

whats the intro song

Michael Hofmann says:

working. You are amazing.

Darwin Awesome says:

thnx bro…. :D

morad abu zayed says:

it doesnt work !!!

after mojang screen it returns to the launcher !!! how can i do it !!!!????

DiamondAce492 says:

For those of you that don’t know, you need java to play minecraft 

Nikita Dus says:

do i Need any basic Software before i am able to Play?

MmarkeeCraft07 says:

thnx man! i think this serves as you gift to us all.

Andrew Mendoza says:

Nvm only ios so far

Arvic Cruz says:

how do you download bandi cam??? and thanks for the minecraft link

Mihai Florea says:

Yeah… when I run the launcher it does appear MINECRAFT on my screen but
the launcher itself doesn’t appear!

Tuyet Vu says:

does it join a server?

Callum Mcculloch says:

Thanks Dude I love ur vids :)

Bridget Baker says:

I got it, but it says I have a nonexistent file :/ Can someone please help?

MS GamingTR says:


MmarkeeCraft07 says:


jonathan flores says:

it took me 1hr to download for some reason? but works but still do you need
to migrate it to a premium account or a non premium mojang account?


i made it ty bro

MrAwesomeDude37 says:

dont you have to type the password??

Jesus Hernandez says:

song at the end?

panos21000 says:

man i love you


wow wait, it says restart your launcher

Ryan Lee says:

I’m just watching this for my friend i have premium so im not a cracked
noob :D

zoelzq says:

how to instal mods?

Spider Venom says:


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