How to make your own Minecraft Animation (in your own Minecraft save!)

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Hello so after I uploaded that badly animated “Suicidal Chicken” animation many people asked for the tutorial, so here it is! Bellow are the programs you wil…


Little_Jr says:

Please help me when I add a character I am unable to move it like you do.
what buttons do you press to move it like that?

Tervarious says:

Hey Vuzok, Even though you are a noob at this, at least you admit it. And
you have decent knowledge about it so far, and very usable information
about how to make Minecraft animations and/or get started. Working links,
Thanks for this man. I subbed. :D

Jdogminer418 says:

That’s boss

Freddy_Plays_Xbox says:

how do u delete in blender!

Sparta craft says:

how do u select thw whole thing

RCfox307 says:

@Willy Blonka, he used Camtasia Studio to record I think

Gregory McLaughlin says:

What about mac users? I use mac!

Forever Gamerz says:

Thanks I have watched so many vids of how to make an animation and this is
the only one that is simple. How do I make my own people thx

Dark for you says:

please help! i followed 1-1 your steps but it wont put a character in the
animation :/

Freddy_Plays_Xbox says:

do u need to pay???

Capi Awe says:

I use blender a lot, not for minecraft animation (I hate animating stuff,
I’d rather just watch an animation) , here’s a few shortcut keys for those
who need it.
R – Rotate. You can use this conjunction with X, Y, Z respectively. This
allows you to rotate the model on an axis. So if you press “R” and then “Z”
it will rotate only on the “Z” axis.
S – Scale. You can also use X, Y and Z like with rotate.
Z – Wireframe. This allows you to see only wire frame models. Meaning you
can see through them which helps out with seeing where to place your
Num 1 – Front view. Shows your scene from the front.
Num 4 – Top view. Shows your scene from the top.
Num 3 – Right view. Shows your scene from the right.
Num 5 – Changes your view from perspective to orthographic. You can press
it to see what it does, it’s kind of hard to explain.
Shift + S – Snaps the object(s) to the grid.
Just a quick tip, if you want a really good looking render, an easy way to
cheat on the lighting part is to enable “Ambient Occlusion”. If you look at
the top right there is a bar that has a Cube, Spanner, camera etc. Click on
the small “Planet” and a bit down on that tab should be a check box, click
it, you can leave the settings as is. It will make your renders look much
better, but it will take much longer to render.

TheWafflezGaming says:

My set doesn’t show when I put it in. Help me plz

Luke Thomas says:

my entire set doesn’t have a texture -_-

Mcliljamie001 says:

Cool dude your awesome my friend is trying to make a mc music vid so we
need animation help plz email me a reply Gmaill:Mcliljamie001

MackazzHD says:

Hi , I Could do with a Animator , Skype me if your Interested there will be
a Reward for a Short animation , Skype:Mackazzhd


how you move the stuff on blender

Godminer tan says:


jacobblockman says:

It took you an hour to make a 5 sec video i could make this in 30 secs in
cinema 4d!!!

Gideon French says:


DarkDeJay Animater says:

better than mineimator

Gamer Deedz says:

What do you use to record?

Dziugas Stankevicius says:

1 hour for 10 secs :-D

elidoesminecraft says:

yeah im getting confused ill just ask denotion films :) we talk on skype,so
yeah i know a pro animater

TheNtryMinecraft says:


sunshine says:

i say nothin

Hasan Salman says:

how it shows max height and lower depth it goes slow

Teodora Redstone says:

thanks so much!


Does it work for xbox

Denis Fahretin says:

This Animation is for me :D

IdiotBoxGuy says:

Animation is not for me… ;(

troxergames says:

how do you delete

chrisminer132 says:

CaptainSparklez is the best animator ever!!!! And I mean EVER LIKE 8 tipped
over on its sided (infinity) Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Vuzok Plays Minecraft says:

“R” xD

Vuzok Plays Minecraft says:

Did you make or download the Witch? Its possible its just a model not a rig
meaning you cannot make it move, to find out click on it and on the toolbar
where it sais “object mode” select “pose mode” if its not there
unfortunately its not rigged

Cameron Litton says:

Blender is a very advanced animation program, it takes months just to
understand the basics. If you are going for a more simple animation, try
the program Mine-imator

MinecraftNoob112 says:

how do you make you character to walk mine is a witch and i dont kow how to
make it walk


what is ore because you say press ore to rotate?

ryankid32123 says:

never mind i fixed it :D i had to change the name of me world :D

ryankid32123 says:

when i import it to blender

ryankid32123 says:

it dose not work for me to i did what you said very carefully and it still
is not doing anything please help me

Vuzok Plays Minecraft says:

Which file are you trying to open your Mineways map? If so it should have
saved as a .obj file, To open a .obj when in Blender instead of using
“open” choose “import -> .obj” and then you should be able to open it. Good

Teodora Redstone says:

when i go to blender i go file, open and onto my folder and it has nothing
in it and i did everything with mineways

HydroLegion99 says:

Good vid bro I like it thnx

S.a. m. says:

lol 222 commants …not any more

Choppy Drake says:


Adam Ghannam says:

Thanks :)

awesomegamingvideos says:

oh Well one last comment I like using the way you do it for better
animations so heres a sub and a like

Vuzok Plays Minecraft says:

Press S to change an items/objects scale. Just make sure the entire thing
is selected first :D

Adam Ghannam says:

how do i decrease his size my steve is the size of a gozilla lol

Vuzok Plays Minecraft says:

I tried Mineimator but although its easier at first if you practice using
Blender you can make better Minecraft animations than possible with
Mineimator you can also go on to make non Minecraft animations and video

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